Friday, October 19, 2012

Finding French Language Apps for the Ipad

One of my biggest frustrations as we test iPads in my classroom has been finding appropriate FREE or nearly free apps that are in French.  I found a well made website that allows you to search only iPad apps that are available in French.

It is called: Mon App Store

By using the advanced search you can search by category, price, language and age group and more.

It is a great resource when you know how to use it. I spent a frustrating afternoon last week downloading app after app from the website and discovering that none of them were in French. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. It wasn't until yesterday that I stumbled upon the answer. Many apps in the app store are available in multiple languages HOWEVER they will always show up on your device in the language of your device. In order to view apps in French I needed to change my  Ipads language to French.

When you change your language setting your will find that some apps will change to the new language too. For example:

Guess who?  becomes Qui Suis Je?

I quickly discovered that many of the apps I had downloaded on the weekend were available in French after all. I had not a wasted my afternoon!  What did I learn today? I learned that there are actually a surprising amount of apps available in French and they are easier to find then I thought. Did you already know this? What is your favorite app to use with your students?

So how do you change your devices language? Check out the video below for quick instructions.

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