Thursday, February 20, 2014

Have you met Tagxedo - Wordle's much handsomer brother?

Tagxedo does everything that Wordle does... and  a little more.

It allows you to  use shapes and words to create word clouds with a little extra style. There are many preset options for quick creation but everything is editable and customizable too. You can save your work in a variety of formats or share online.

My favorite Tagxedo feature allows you to upload your own images and lets you create word clouds using them.  Here is my Twitter profile picture that I made using Tagxedo. Aren't I lovely?

Kids could us this feature to make an "All about me" style poster using key words. Or they could use a picture of a famous person or animal and use words to describe them.

Looking for an idea for a great mother's day or father's day card? You can use one of the many built in shape templates to make a word cloud full of compliments. With my grade 1 students we have done this as a group activity. We have brainstormed words for our fathers and picked a few shapes and fonts we liked. I then printed out a few different styles for students to choose from to use as their cards.

You can find a presentation on 100 ways to use Tagxedo here.

To get some inspiration on what you can create with Tagxedo check out their Facebook page.

One note:  When I retested Tagxedo for this article  I was able to use the "Create" tab to make the images above but the search box on the first page seemed to be broken.  I wasn't able to use search terms or twitter feed to create a picture. Hopefully this feature will be fixed soon.

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