Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Shapes, shapes and more shapes

To start off our shape unit the students and I read "Tout le Monde est en Formes" by Ed Emberley.

After reading the book we went on a hunt for shapes with the Ipad camera. We had a great time looking around the room and the playground for shapes. We discovered that there are circles, squares, triangles and rectangles everywhere!

When we got back to class we decided that we wanted to make our own pictures just like the ones in the book. We used the scraps from our scrap paper bins to create our own pictures using squares, circles, triangles and rectangles.

Here are an online shape games we played when were were done our project.
Apprendre les formes

What did I learn at school today? Shapes are a lot of fun and students have a great time playing with them. What is your favorite shape based project? How do you introduce shapes?

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