Friday, March 6, 2015

Getting Started with the Android Samsung Tablets from an Apple Girl.

First things first.... How do I turn this thing on?! I can use an Ipad, I can use this thing right? The reality however is that you can't expect this device to behave like an Ipad there are some differences and they have tripped me up as I am trying to learn this device.

I admit the setup for my teacher tablet was fairly easy. The tablet talks you through most of it.  It helps if you already have a google account you are using. If you don't already have one you can set one up here or follow the directions on your new tablet.  Learning to use it however was a little trickier.

Here is one video I used to help learn how to use the device:

Some tips.

1) If there is no back button on an app to get you back to the last screen us the return arrow on the bottom of your tablet.

2) Double clicking the home screen

3) The google search box is always on the bottom right  side of the home screens. You can use it to search the web but you can also use it to find apps on your device.

My advice?  Unbox your device, run through the set-up and then watch the video above. Pause and try each new trick he teaches you along the way. Get comfortable with the navigation. 

What is your best beginner android tip?

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