Friday, July 17, 2015

15 classroom activities for Earth Day

 Earth day is a great excuse to learn about all sorts of things. Conservation, recycling, reusing and reducing, humans effects on the natural environment and of course crafting and ingenuity.

15 Fun things to do for earth day:

1) Read - J'aime la terre by Todd Parr.  

2) Draw tiny drawings on tiny pieces of paper. Don't forget to use both sides!

3) Make junk statues out of materials that would normally be thrown out.

4) Visit the recycling plant.

5) Visit a local thrift store.

6) Plan a playground clean-up.

7) Try a Earth day Je lis et je dessine.

8) Watch  "Sid le Petit Scientist - Jour de la Terre" and do a soil exploration.

9) Plan a sharing/caring swap.  Have kids bring in items they no longer need from home. Students take turns choosing a new item that a friend has brought it. 

10) Plan a clothing drive and donate to a local charity.

11) Plant some seeds. Talk about the effects of plants on the environment.

12) Pretend you are the earth. What would you want people to know? Write a persuasive poster to ask people to help you! Template here.

13) Host a recycling relay race.  Have students bring recyclables from home. Have students sort recycling by type and ask a parent to drop it off at the recyclers for you.

14) Plan a maker day reuse it challenge. Have students try to come up with new uses for old junk. 

15) Create recycle scrap paper collages. Use old paper and scraps from the year to create new and exciting art pieces.

What are your favorite earth day activities?

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